Hi there, meet the Price family! Consisting of Andy, Karen, Ben and Hannah.

We took the plunge and moved to the South Island New Zealand in September 2006. Having travelled around the whole of New Zealand in a campervan we eventually chose to stop in our favourite place and settle down. After much searching we decided on the beautiful Nelson region.

We (Andy and Karen) are both former PE and Outdoor Education teachers from Chester in the UK. Having spent many happy years teaching at the King’s School, Chester and Abbeygate College respectively we decided to realise a dream and have the adventure of a lifetime in New Zealand. So far (after 14 years!) we have not been disappointed! For a family with our interests this place is pure heaven. The kiwis are without doubt the friendliest people on the planet and the weather – wow! what a difference from the North of England!

The Nelson region is absolutely incredible and we are still exploring it ourselves. There is nothing we love more than talking with visitors about the area and our own favourite places (an ever expanding list).

In the time that we have lived at the chalets we have met some great people and feel privileged to get to know them. We know the effort it takes to move and resettle in a new region or country and we will do our best to help you to enjoy the area’s outstanding natural beauty in your spare time. We won’t interrupt your peace and quiet while you are here but if you would like to chat or pick our brains about the area we will be delighted to help in any way we can.

Andy, Karen, Ben and Hannah.