Welcome to ActiveKidz Swim School, based at Mapua Chalets.

We operate two pools:
A 9 metre by 4 metre heated indoor pool
A 12 metre by 6 metre heated outdoor pool.

We run our lessons year round

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Swimming Level – Guide

Level 0 Total beginner. Will NOT put face in the water. working towards :- Water confidence above and below surface. N/A

Level 1 Beginner  Beginner that will HAPPILY submerge in the water, but is unable to swim a width unaided. working towards :- streamline continuous straight legs kicking on front and back. “Rocketing”

Level 1 Improver Higher Level 1 who can competently”rocket” along the length of the pool with the  correct kick technique and streamlined body. Can kick effectively on back along the indoor pool working towards :- “long arms” freestyle  with continuous streamline kicking on front and back.Working towards swimming lengths of indoor pool using arms and legs simultaneously.

Level 2 Can swim 10 metres of freestyle with a good long leg kick, streamlined, head down, body position and with “long arms” that recover out of
the water. Can kick 10 meters on back with good long leg kick. working towards :- Perfecting long
arm freestyle and backstroke.Introducing breathing to the side on freestyle. Breaststroke introduction.

Advanced Level 2 Can confidently spend the whole lesson swimming lengths of freestyle and
backstroke with a good streamlined body position on front and back. Has mastered basic breathing to the side on freestyle. working towards :- Strong streamlined freestyle with smooth breathing to both sides.
Strong backstroke, with streamline body position. Correct breaststroke leg kick.

Level 3 Swims at, or near, junior club level working towards :- High quality freestyle and backstroke. Correct breaststroke
technique and butterfly development. Racing dives and turns.

Level 4 – Junior competitive level. Individualised technical coaching for competitive swimmers requiring advanced level techniques for faster pbs.


Each Term Afterschool classes on Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays and Thursdays – 6 weeks Cost $100
Preschool classes on Mondays Tuedays and Wednesday mornings – 6 weeks Cost $100

Holiday Intensive Courses 1 week. 5 lessons Cost $85

Andy and Karen have been teaching since 2007 at the Chalets

Andy has been teaching and coaching swimming for over 20 years. He has been a full time PE teacher for 15 years in the UK and was an England Youth International Swimmer. He was a European Youth Champion at 200m butterfly. Since moving to NZ has been head coach at Motueka Swimming club and has coached children to multiple national medals.

Karen Price

Karen is co-owner of Activekidz Swim School which she established with her husband, Andy, on arrival in New Zealand from the UK in 2006. Karen is a PE teacher with a specialism in swimming. She has been teaching swimming for 20 years, both here and in the UK, where she was teacher i/c swimming at her previous two schools. Karen has an extensive background in competitive swimming and waterpolo.